Hey cupcake…


Ever since I decided to start this blog, I have been thinking about what to bake for my first post.  I mean it is kind of a lot of pressure… first impressions and all.  So I guess I should start this whole thing with a bit of a disclaimer.  I love to bake.  I love to experiment with new recipes and learn new techniques that I have never tried before.  But I am no expert.  Half the time I get 20 minutes into a baking project before I go running to my step-dad, a self-taught, amazing cook (and scientist to boot), and ask “What happens if I substitute this for that?” “How do I know when this sauce is reduced?” “Why won’t this dough stick together?” “Hellllp!” So view this blog as a series of little adventures into the baking world, where the outcome is always a surprise…

Anyways, drumroll please….. for my first ever blog post here at A Sprinkle in Time, I decided to make the drool-worthy Chocolate Turtle Cupcakes I found on Amber’s Delectable Delights (from way back in 2007 – thanks Amber!!).  I made them to bring into work for someone’s birthday, and they got rave reviews. They were actually very simple to make and very fun (although sticky) to drizzle and decorate. Phew! Pressure’s off.

I stuck pretty closely to the original recipe.  I didn’t have any caramel candies, only caramel sauce, so I swirled it through the batter instead of dropping in chunks.  I think I would have rather used the candies, but the swirls did add a nice flavor and kept the cupcake really moist.  For toppings, I used candied pecans on some, and white chocolate chips on some, but my favorite were the ones that had BOTH.  Also, I used foil cupcake liners since Amber said the cupcakes stuck to her paper liners… but these were probably even worse, and tended to leave little bits of foil behind.

They were super moist inside – I took them out thinking they might be a little underdone, but they were perfect!

Again, for the recipe, I will send you to Amber’s original post, as it is full of handy little tips, especially on the delish ganache recipe.

See you on the next baking adventure here at A Sprinkle in Time 🙂


One Comment to “Hey cupcake…”

  1. so where is my plate of these bad boyz?

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