Easy-peasy, ooey-gooey Pecan Bars (Baking Blitz Pt. 4)

My Saturday morning baking blitz was winding down, but I still wanted to get rid of the leftover pecans from the Chocolate Turtle Cupcakes I made last weekend.  Enter Pecan Bars.

See, I bookmark every tasty looking recipe I come across using delicious.  I tag each recipe with a bunch of keywords, so when I am looking for something particular, it is super easy to find.  Since I had an extra bag of pecans lying around, I just typed in pecans and this yummy recipe was ready to go!

I found these on My Baking Addiction, and followed the advice to let these bars cool, then pop them in the freezer for easier cutting.  It was hard to cut through just after pulling them out of the freezer, but I think it helped keep them neater – these guys are very sticky and gooey, even after being chilled!

This recipe was quick and easy to make.  The longest part of the whole thing was the time it took to bake. Also, I actually didn’t have 2 cups of pecans, so I decided to cut the recipe in half and use a 9×9 pan instead. I was still a little short of pecans, so I threw in some white chocolate chips too, which turned out super yummy. I was worried when I first pulled these out of the oven, since they didn’t look very pretty…

But, after being chilled and cut into bars, I thought they looked pretty nice after all!

Phew!  4 hours later, my morning of baking was over and I turned to the sink to plow through the piles of dishes I had accumulated.  My house is fully stocked with plenty of tasty treats to last the week I think… but I’m already thinking about what to make next weekend!


2 Comments to “Easy-peasy, ooey-gooey Pecan Bars (Baking Blitz Pt. 4)”

  1. Wow Katie, you’ve been baking nonstop! 🙂 KEEP IT UP!

  2. um, where ARE these???

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