Cute Cupcakes!

I just found these pictures on my computer… I can’t even remember how long ago I made them. They aren’t great pictures – but these cupcakes were just so fun to make I had to share.  I made them from the incredibly adorable book Hello, Cupcake.  I just wish I had enough special occasions to make these kinds of cutesy cupcakes.  These I did just make for fun though!

I’m not posting the recipe this time, but basically to make the butterflies I just used chocolate candy melts in a ziploc bag with the corner cut off to draw the shapes on wax paper for the butterfly cupcakes. To make the swirls in the wings, you just drag toothpick through the chocolate before it cools.  Then stick them on your favorite cupcake recipe and embellish with your favorite frosting! You can do a lot of fun things with those chocolate candy discs – basically you can draw any shapes to customize your cupcakes!

For the fish bowl cupcakes, I just used goldfish for the fishy, fruit rollups for the seaweed, frosting for the bubbles and chopped walnuts for the sand! To get the smooth blue frosting, I just added blue food coloring to regular ole’ store-bought tub frosting, and then microwaved it until it was liquid-y.  Then I dipped the tops of the cupcakes in and let the frosting harden.

Hopefully I can pull out my Hello, Cupcake book again this summer and make something fun 🙂


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