Hello again!

So here I am at college in a dorm with nary an oven in sight… but I decided that wouldn’t stop me from getting my baking fixes this semester.  Solution? make friends living off campus with beautiful full kitchens!

This past weekend, a group of us went to Saratoga Apple on a perfect fall day of apple picking, apple cider donuts, and perhaps some stealing of pumpkins that I was not involved with. (Sorry for the poor photo quality – only had my phone with me!)

IMG_0068Taking a rest from a strenuous afternoon of apple picking.

pumpkin stealing?

We headed back to the house with the intention to make little apple galettes. My new friend Sam whipped up some pie crust in her food processor, and chopped up apples with cinnamon, sugar, and some lemon juice. We got too impatient for it to chill all the way and our galettes were looking a little sloppy.  Soo we just pressed the dough into a muffin tin and filled them with our apple filling – which came out quite nicely! Cup-pies! (Pushing Daisies anyone?)

So hopefully my little blog won’t be going into complete hibernation this fall after all!


2 Comments to “Hello again!”

  1. What a delicious looking treat! It is fun to have your wonderful blog entries back. Are you reading my blog?

    See you soon!

    you have added 20 million entries since i;ve last been here. impressivee!
    miss you!

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