Final Christmas post – Andy’s Bûche de Noël!!

Yeah yeah, I know. Christmas is over. Way over. Like last year over. But I’m a busy kid and I was hoping to get my little bro to write up this post, since it was his creation.  But I’m filling in and getting this thing up so we can all finally move on with our lives and see some more recent goodies.

So this brings us to our guest blogger.  My nine year old brother Andy loves cooking and baking, and desperately wanted to make this Bûche de Noël, which he learned how to make at school!

He and my step-mom crafted the whole thing, and it truly was the hit of the party.  One log was chocolate-coffee, and the other was just plain chocolate.  The recipe was passed on to us from my uncle, and I don’t have it on hand, but a thin layer of cake is cooked on a baking sheet, and then rolled up in a log to cool. The cake is then unrolled, frosted, and rolled back up.  The little mushrooms are meringue – crafted by my step-mom Heather!!

Thanks Andy!!

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