Saturday Morning Pie.

So I needed to learn some pie-making skills. And no one makes a better pie than my Grandma Snow. I called her up and requested a lesson!

We had a lovely morning out at the Snow farm – we made a de-lish pie and I learned all sorts of great tips and tricks.

I read a lot of food blogs. I own a lot of cook books. I’m sure I could have learned all sorts of best pie-making practices right on the ole’ internet. But there is nothing like spending a beautiful Saturday morning with your grandma sharing recipes that date back decades, scrawled out on index cards –  just baking a pie.

Have I mentioned my Grandma Snow is super awesome? She and my Grandpa Snow live on a beautiful farm. I got a nice tour of their garden and got to pick out some fresh-as-can-be veggies to take home! The Snows rock. My grandma even has her own food blog – check it out!!

Thanks Grandma Snow! I can’t wait to cook and bake together again 🙂

One Comment to “Saturday Morning Pie.”

  1. Katie,

    What a great job you did making your pie, you are a natural!! I had loads of fun being with you and I look forward to making our popovers together!!

    G Snow

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