Chocolate Cheesecake Thumbprints

I am losing my rep here guys. Now, my blog is not widely read, I’m not like, famous or anything. But I have gained a little reputation among my immediate people that I sometimes make things that are yummy.

SO, I was pretty psyched to be finally in an apartment this year instead of the dorms, so that I could be baking year round again.

Everything I have baked so far in this place has, well, failed.

First I made corn muffins. Burned. Snickerdoodles. Burned. Chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies. Burned.

So I started blaming the oven. Like, I swear its not me, it’s just this stupid old oven!

And then I made these.

And they were not burned. They were just… not good. I played around with the original recipe in order to make them chocolatey. But don’t be deceived by pretty pictures… eating them kind of was like a mouthful of sawdust with a little pocket of yummy cheesecake included.

Somehow they all got eaten, and my housemates even tried to tell me they were good. But I’ve eaten a few chocolate cookies in my day, and guys – these just didn’t do the job.

Check out the original recipe here (which I have made and is yummmy when not tampered with)… I’m not going to even bother with my adaptation this time!

You know what they say… if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again… UNTIL NEXT TIME!


One Comment to “Chocolate Cheesecake Thumbprints”

  1. I still maintain that these were wonderful and am actually going to request that you make them again… you know…. after all of my other requests.

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