Autumn Leaves Cupcakes

Turns out my dad does give good advice.

Try, try again.

I tried.. and failed. But then I tried again… and came out with these!!

Okay let’s back up. You need to meet some people that will be very important in my baking adventures over the next year.

Meet Betsy, Rebs, and Laney, who I guess decided not to be featured in this adorable picture. My housemates and default taste testers. They are awesome.

This weekend, Betsy demanded (not requested, but demanded) that I make some cupcakes. So I pulled out my trusty Hello, Cupcake! book. And remembered these fun fall cupcakes that I have been dying to try since I got the book.

Making these cupcakes was quite an adventure. First I had to collect a LOT of leaves. I had a little help – thanks Jack (even though your leaves were diseased)! Then I had to wash them and dry them.

I melted three colors of candy wafers and basically fingerpainted the heck out of about 50 leaves. This is a difficult task with no microwave, because I had to keep washing my double boiler to reheat each color.

I discovered that one coating of chocolate makes for a reeeal flimsy leaf, so I had to do another coat. Mind you, we are on about hour 5 of baking (I made the cupcakes and frosting from scratch), so I was getting a little tired. But I trucked on and finished – caramel acorns and all!

I’m not going to lie, it is a little relieving to finally have my groove back. And now Betsy is going to choose a new cupcake for me to make EVERY weekend. Any suggestions?


One Comment to “Autumn Leaves Cupcakes”

  1. These look great!!! Keep up the good work.

    G Snow

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