Back to Basics

It’s been a rough week in the kitchen for me. You probably had no idea, right? Besides my unfortunate pizza post, I’ve been saving up some old goodies to share with you over the past few days.

But here’s the truth. It’s been a battle ground in here. It seems that everything that  goes in the oven comes out in a cloud of smoke. Literally. Chocolate burns. Bread doesn’t rise. Too salty. Too garlicky. Too scorched.

I was trying really hard to be well rounded, guys. I tried to make lunches and dinners, not just dessert. While I am not surrendering the war, I decided it was time to forfeit the battle.

So I scraped the last scorched piece of garlic bread into the trash and started cleaning. I washed, dried, and put away every last dish in a 10 foot radius of my kitchen. I scrubbed the counters until they where white and shiny. I cleared scarfs, papers, nail polish, cell phones, car keys, everything off the table. I swept the floors and took out the trash. I left one clean glass bowl on the counter.

Then I took out the flour. White and brown sugar. A stick of butter. One egg. Pure vanilla extract. Arm and Hammer baking soda. Salt.

I sifted dry ingredients. I creamed the sugar into the butter with a red-handled dinner fork. I stirred in the egg and vanilla. I carefully incorporated the dry into the wet. I preheated. I scooped. I baked for 9 minutes.

I made Nestle Tollhouse Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Recipe? On the back of any Nestle semi-sweet chocolate chip bag.

Back to basics. I needed to clear everything away and just get back to something I knew I could handle.

And then we went to Chili’s for dinner.


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