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February 27, 2011

Adventures in Bread: Anadama Bread

Hi trusty readers.

I have neglected you a little these past few months. I’m sorry. I wish I could say I won’t do it again, but I probably will, at least for the next few months.

But today, I am not neglecting you. I am bringing you the first real installment of my Adventures in Bread. My brother and I are baking through every recipe in Peter Reinhart’s The Bread Baker’s Apprentice. You may have heard of something similar where a bunch of bloggers got together for this exact purpose. Well, we missed the boat, but we will do it Lane family style. A little late and with lots of fun and love.

So first I bring you Anadama bread. Anadama is a traditional New England bread made with flour, corn meal, and molasses… with a great little story about how it got it’s name:

“A fisherman, angry with his wife, Anna, for serving him nothing but cornmeal and molasses, one day adds flour and yeast to his porridge and eats the resultant bread, while cursing, “Anna, damn her.”

What a lovely little bread this turned out to be! I was pleasantly surprised at the success of the loaves for my first real try at yeasted bread. It is sweet and has a great texture from the cornmeal and is simply perfect toasted with some butter and tea.

Next up? Cinnamon Raisin Walnut bread!!