Cookie Therapy

Some days, you just need a chocolate chip cookie.

Other days, you need a really really big chocolate chip cookie.

Although it took about two weeks to eat this thing. And I had two strapping lads to help me out, as well as various guests who were forced to take a foil-wrapped slice home in their pocket.

Because once you decide to bake an 18″ cookie cake, there is no turning back.

You haul out the flour tin and the KitchenAid. And two full bags of chocolate chips.

Because this cookie cake isn’t fancy. It isn’t about perfection. It’s simple two full batches of chocolate chip cookies, recipe straight off the Nestle bag, spread into a humongous pan, and baked at 375.

But just barely baked. Because according to my housemates, who are self-professed cookie cake connoisseurs, a dry cookie cake is a travesty. I hauled this baby out of the oven while it was still jiggly in the middle.

But topped with a scoop of mint ice cream on a hot hot summer day with a side of good company? Perfection.



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